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Questions to Ask When Deciding on a Crane Hire for a Construction Jobsite

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Hiring a crane for a construction jobsite can be difficult, as you have many different types of cranes from which to choose and need one that will perform the necessary job but still fit in a confined space or work on the surface of the site itself. You also need to ensure the crane can be operated safely with the right type of operator and with the right added accessories. To get the right crane for your jobsite, note a few questions you might ask of any rental agency.

1. Do you charge travel time with the rental price?

When noting the rental price of a crane, be sure to ask if they charge travel time. This may be added on top of the actual rental price and it will of course be adjusted according to the distance of your jobsite from the rental agency, as well as the size and weight of the crane. These will add to the cost of delivery for the rental agency, and in turn, it will be more costly for you. Note if travel time is included or will be figured after they arrive at your jobsite, so you don't have any additional, surprise fees and costs.

2. Is a pre-site check needed?

Very often, a crane rental agency will need to do a pre-site check in advance. This is to note the type of ground and how firm or soft it is, so that the rental agency knows if the crane will be too heavy and may sink into the soft soil. A rental agency will also need to check the clearance of the site, as you may need a telescopic arm rather than an arm that folds out, depending on the room of the jobsite. If there is a pre-site check needed, you'll need to get this scheduled properly, so be sure you ask about this.

3. What rigging and other equipment is recommended, and is this included?

There is a difference between lifting gravel and lifting steel beams, so you will need different rigging and other equipment depending on the job. One good thing to consider is if each different type of rigging, bucket, etc., is included in the rental price or if you will need to pay something extra for these pieces. You want to invest in what's needed for your jobsite, but you also don't want another surprise on your invoice for the rental costs.

Keep these questions and considerations in mind when talking with rental agencies, like Williams Crane Hire.