Ideas and Strategies for Heavy Construction Equipment Repair and Maintenance

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Bored Piers: Three Simple Tips to Remember for Secure Construction

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Bored piers are advantageous foundation solutions for general construction if the site has relatively good conditions. You should consider this option if your building lot has reasonably cohesive soil and there are no complications related to spoil removal. Also, it is a good choice in areas where the water table is considerably deep. The benefits of using bored piers on your site instead of other common foundation solutions include faster installation, lower costs and durability. Read More»

Why Use Diamond Bits on Your Core Drilling Equipment?

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Drilling equipment is only as good as the bits and blades that do the drilling work. Choosing the right materials here has a lot of advantages. For example, diamond tools are considered to do an effective job. What are the advantages of diamond tools? Diamond Tools Handle Tough Materials Diamond drill bits and blades cut cleanly through just about any material. Diamonds are incredibly tough themselves and make short work of drilling jobs. Read More»

Four Essential Safety Guidelines for Excavation and Trenching

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If you are planning on excavating and trenching for construction work on your property, you must think about worksite safety. Open trenches can be highly dangerous if they are not correctly secured. For instance, if you do not enforce protective measures, a trench could cave in, causing grave injury to the workers in the vicinity. Therefore, you should review your workplace and establish safety strategies before beginning the excavation work. Here are essential tips for improving safety during your trenching project. Read More»