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Bored Piers: Three Simple Tips to Remember for Secure Construction

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Bored piers are advantageous foundation solutions for general construction if the site has relatively good conditions. You should consider this option if your building lot has reasonably cohesive soil and there are no complications related to spoil removal. Also, it is a good choice in areas where the water table is considerably deep. The benefits of using bored piers on your site instead of other common foundation solutions include faster installation, lower costs and durability. However, you must plan for the construction extensively for good results. Here are simple planning tips for bored pier installation.

Consult Before Designing

It is important to consult an experienced foundation engineer during the design of your bored pier base. The expert guidance of a specialist will help you make the best decisions for your building. The engineer will take into account the planned structure and the soil conditions. Then, they will provide help in designing piers which will provide stable support. The pier design work is a highly technical process and should not be taken lightly. Remember, if the piers are not stable enough, your building will be more vulnerable to failure, especially if there are tremors or other natural disasters.

Create Reliable Bored Piers

You should acquire bored piers which meet the specifications outlined by the engineer. It is essential to remember that creating these foundational elements can be challenging. Therefore, you should engage specialists in foundation systems. Under ideal circumstances, your pier builder should be capable of creating piers of diverse sizes for your convenience. Moreover, you must ensure that your piers will be tested extensively after construction for stability and integrity. Also, the piers must be certified to avoid unresolvable complications after installation.

Acquire Heavy Equipment

The right construction equipment is indispensable during bored pier installation projects. If you do not have suitable machinery, the process could become unnecessarily long and complicated. In addition, the foundational piers might be damaged during the placement. Therefore, you should evaluate your designed piers and plan for the acquisition of the needed equipment, including drill rigs and excavator systems. The specific units will depend on the scale of construction. It is also important to take into consideration the condition of the ground. For instance, if your lot has very hard and dry ground, you will need a different drilling from the one used for soft soil.

Finally, it is advisable to conduct a thorough survey of the geotechnical conditions on your site to avoid underground surprised during bored pier installation.