Ideas and Strategies for Heavy Construction Equipment Repair and Maintenance

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Things you will do in an Order Picker Training Class

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All heavy construction equipment require some training before operating them. The same applies to the order picker forklift which comes along with different features than your regular truck. If you are looking for employment as a forklift operator, then it is mandatory to consider training for the order picker. This will give you a license that will allow you to work legally in any industry that requires your services. All the necessary training information is outlined below in case you desire to operate an order picker forklift. Read More»

5 Top Factors That New Contractors Should Consider Before Renting a Forklift

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Hiring a forklift is critical to enhancing production efficiency and reducing costs. However, leasing the machinery is not as easy as many people might think. You need to be methodical in analyzing a couple of factors before you can hire a forklift if you want to save time and money. If you are a new contractor in need of fork lifting services, you need to consider these top tips to get value for money: Read More»

4 Kinds of Bulldozers and What They Can Do for You

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When you think about strength and toughness, nothing comes close to a well-equipped bulldozer. The machine can do heavy work in a matter of minutes, work that would have probably taken longer if you resorted to manual labour. Unlike ordinary trucks, bulldozers come with tracks for excellent grip on the ground and manoeuvring through the toughest of terrains. The width of the tracks plays an important role in distributing the weight of the bulldozer so that it can move on the ground without digging into the soil. Read More»

Truck Drivers: Develop Good Posture While You Drive

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Everyone knows how important posture is, and from a young age, many people were constantly told to stand up straight. Despite how instilled the importance of a correctly aligned spine may be, it’s not always an easy task to maintain good posture, and certain jobs make it harder than others. It’s been quite widely publicised how bad sitting at a desk in front of a computer can be—leading to rounded shoulders and a badly curved spine that leads to back and neck problems. Read More»