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Things you will do in an Order Picker Training Class

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All heavy construction equipment require some training before operating them. The same applies to the order picker forklift which comes along with different features than your regular truck. If you are looking for employment as a forklift operator, then it is mandatory to consider training for the order picker. This will give you a license that will allow you to work legally in any industry that requires your services. All the necessary training information is outlined below in case you desire to operate an order picker forklift.

Course Content – The training course on using an operator picker forklift comes with various mandatory packages which need to be completed for the class to be considered successful. One of the packages includes the OHS/WHS legislation and the HRWL content which is intended to educate you on safety policies for a healthy working environment. This will also include the requirements for a High-Risk Workers License as stipulated by the authorities. Tackling this content will enable you to abide by the authorisations while at the same time ensure you maintain a healthy working environment. Another important course is the Hazard Identification and Control content which will prepare you to deal with all manner of hazardous incidents. With such content, you will be able to react better to any dangerous situations. Other mandatory contents in the course include the assessment of the load to come up with a better carrying strategies. You will also be taught how to start the order picker as well as the checks required before operating the machine. Lastly, the course will ensure that you are well versed with efficiently managing the order picker.

Training Structure and Delivery – Once you successfully register for the training course, you will first be introduced to the theory part. This includes learning all the national regulations and getting familiar with all the parts and functions of an order picker. You will also be taught on your licensing requirements as well as all the calculations you require during operation. After the theory is over, you will be given an assessment exam which will gauge your overall development. Once you pass this, you will graduate to the practical familiarisation structure. This will be done away from the classes where you will put all the theory learnt into practice. It will involve operating the order picker forklift in different scenarios to boost on your expertise. Afterwards, you will be given a practical assessment which will dictate whether you qualify for a license or not.