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4 Kinds of Bulldozers and What They Can Do for You

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When you think about strength and toughness, nothing comes close to a well-equipped bulldozer. The machine can do heavy work in a matter of minutes, work that would have probably taken longer if you resorted to manual labour. Unlike ordinary trucks, bulldozers come with tracks for excellent grip on the ground and manoeuvring through the toughest of terrains. The width of the tracks plays an important role in distributing the weight of the bulldozer so that it can move on the ground without digging into the soil. Today, there are many bulldozers in the market, all of which can do different things for you. Take a look at these bulldozers alongside what they can do for you:

Traditional Bulldozer

A traditional bulldozer is the most popular of the four that will be discussed here. It has a continuous crawler to facilitate movement on the ground, and a large metal plate on the front side referred to a blade. During construction or farm work, the blade is used for pushing large heaps of rubble, sand and soil. The blade is made from high-density steel or alloys so that it can stand up to damage and corrosion. Apart from the blade at the front, a traditional bulldozer also a ripper at the back. The ripper loosens compacted soil and hard pans to facilitate activities such as ploughing.

Hybrid Bulldozers

Just as the name alludes, a hybrid bulldozer has a host of modifications that improve its functionality and performance. They employ sophisticated controls, electronics and blade combinations that allow them to go places where other bulldozers won't go. Some hybrid bulldozers can work in swampy, muddy and waterlogged conditions without navigational challenges.

Tree Dozers

Good as trees are, they can be a big hindrance during construction projects. You need strong machines that can get them out of the way quite fast to pave the way for meaningful work. This is where tree dozers come in handy. Unlike its previous counterparts, a tree dozer's front is equipped with large, strong teeth that can reach deep into the tree's roots and uproot it whole.

Angle Dozer

The traditional bulldozer may be a versatile machine, but that doesn't necessarily make it suited for all applications. Tights spaces and hard-to-reach areas will require you to use an angle dozer. This type of bulldozer allows you to align the blade significantly to one side, making it easy to push your load to one side.