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Why Use Diamond Bits on Your Core Drilling Equipment?

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Drilling equipment is only as good as the bits and blades that do the drilling work. Choosing the right materials here has a lot of advantages. For example, diamond tools are considered to do an effective job. What are the advantages of diamond tools?

Diamond Tools Handle Tough Materials

Diamond drill bits and blades cut cleanly through just about any material. Diamonds are incredibly tough themselves and make short work of drilling jobs.

Even if you're drilling through dense stone or rock, diamond drilling attachments carry on cutting just fine. Other drilling materials may break if you use them to drill through substances they can't deal with.

Diamond Tools Are Faster

If your drill bit or blade cuts through a material easily and cleanly, then you speed up the drilling process. You don't have to waste time waiting for a drill to edge slowly down; you also don't have to stop and start to deal with overheated or broken tools. Diamond tools work evenly and quickly so you'll get the job done faster.

Diamond Tools Create a Clean Drill

The fact that a diamond bit or blade can cope with thick or dense materials gives you a cleaner end result when you drill. The drill goes straight through the surface you're working on. It won't jump around while it tries to get traction or to push further down.

So, you won't have excess damage around the drilling site. Other drills may create rougher and less-defined holes because they haven't been able to cut through cleanly. Diamond drilling tools give you more accurate results and create less debris as they work.

Diamond Tools Are Less Disruptive

Drilling through difficult materials can be noisy. Drill attachments make a lot of noise as they try to force their way down. The harder a drill has to work, and the more it jumps around, the more noise it creates. This noise can be a bother on your site in general. Everyone on the site will have to live with it. Plus, if you're working in a built-up area, your neighbours won't be too pleased if you drill noisily for long periods.

Diamond tools are typically quieter. Their ability to cut straight through difficult materials minimises the noise they make. This noise is also kept to a minimum because the drill will work much more quickly.

To find out more about diamond blades and bits, ask your drilling equipment supplier for advice.