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Common Skills Tested During the Vehicle on the Road Test

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You may be able to obtain a heavy vehicle licence after undergoing a vehicle on the road test (VORT). It is very important for you to prepare adequately for this test because failing the test may delay when you can get your licence. This article discusses some of the knowledge and skills that examiners look for as they assess how safe or competent you are as a prospective driver of a heavy vehicle.

In Cab Preparations

The examiner may be interested in assessing how you prepare to start driving once you are inside the cab of the vehicle that you have opted to use during the VORT test. Your preparations may include adjusting the seat of the vehicle so that you can easily reach the various controls, such as the brake pedal, of the vehicle. You may also have to adjust the mirrors, such as the side mirrors, so that you have a clear view of the vehicle's surroundings. Such preparations may show the examiner that you know the steps to take before starting the heavy vehicle.

Knowledge of Vehicle Controls

The person conducting the VORT test may also question you in order to establish how much you know about the basic controls that the test vehicle has. For instance, he or she may ask you to explain what the different indicators, such as the engine indicator light, tell you when they are on or off. He or she may also ask you to perform some tasks, such a cleaning the windshield, so that you reveal your knowledge of where to find the right buttons or switches to use when a task needs to be performed.

Selecting and Changing Gears

The examiner may also closely observe your ability to choose the correct gears when you are driving. This observation will be made when you start and drive the test vehicle onto a road that is similar to the roads where you will be driving once your heavy vehicle licence has been issued. The examiner may be interested in finding out whether the vehicle lurches as you shift gears. He or she may also be keen to establish whether you can select the appropriate gear for the speed at which you are driving.

As you can see, the VORT test is aimed at confirming that you know how to handle the heavy vehicle for which you would like to obtain a driving licence. The examiner may also ask you to perform different tasks several times so that he or she confirms your competence. It is therefore very important for you to undergo thorough training before you undertake this test. That training will equip you with all the necessary skills and knowledge so that you pass the VORT test. Contact a company like All Onsite Training and Assessment for more information.