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A Guide On Excavator Rentals

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Most contractors often wonder whether they should rent or purchase excavators. Although it often comes down to your finances, hiring the equipment has strategic advantages. Continue reading to understand the benefits of hiring excavators and what to look out for when renting an excavator. 

Benefits Of Hiring An Excavator

Excavator hire is a stress-free approach to your earthmoving project. Typically, the rental company provides you with riggers and operators to operate the equipment. This way, you avoid the tedious task of interviewing and assessing operators. Moreover, reputable companies insure the equipment and offer repair and maintenance services. Simply put, you do not bear liability if the excavator breaks down at the site. Excavator hire is also significantly cheaper than buying the equipment. It keeps your business afloat since you have adequate operating capital. Finally, renting gives you access to different types of excavators. For instance, while your current project could demand a crawler excavator, your next project could need a skid steer. 

Considerations When Renting An Excavator 

Consider these tips when renting an excavator: 

Type of Excavator

The project specifications are the primary determinant when choosing a specific excavator. Typically, they determine the equipment's size, power, boom length and attachments. However, you need to conduct further analysis to determine which excavator models are renowned for their durability, performance and safety features. 

Condition Of The Excavator 

It is prudent to inspect the rented excavator. It ensures that the equipment does not have defects that could compromise its functionality. Examine the following; 

  • Swing the boom to ensure it does not have loose components at the connecting points.
  • The excavator boom, bucket and tracks should not have any cracks or bends.
  • Examine the engine, transmission and hydraulic system for leakages.
  • The excavator's safety features, such as the roll-over protection system and pins, should be fully functional.
  • Examine the excavator controls and electric system to ensure you have an easy time operating the equipment.
  • If you intend to use additional attachments such as breakers, ensure the excavator hitch is compatible with the attachments. 

Rental Conditions 

The rental company's conditions determine how you can use the excavator. For instance, if you have an operator's licence, you should consider companies that offer dry hire services. Consequently, if you need the excavator for long-term projects, the hiring company should allow you to move the equipment from your site. Finally, examine and negotiate the rental costs. For example, you could request the company to give a fixed daily charge to avoid additional rental costs. 

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