Ideas and Strategies for Heavy Construction Equipment Repair and Maintenance

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Top tips for first-time mini excavator operators

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Sometimes even the most accomplished home handyman needs a little help from modern machinery when working on large projects. Hiring a mini excavator for larger digging tasks around your home is a great option, and with a little preparation you can find yourself saving time and money on your renovation project. If you’re planning on hiring a mini excavator for the first time in the near future, check out these top tips. Read More»

Important Questions to Ask About Heavy-Duty Equipment Rental

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Hiring heavy-duty equipment such as a crane, dump truck, and similar pieces is not like renting a car; these pieces may need special transport, specialty insurance, and so on. If you’re a contractor who is interested in hiring heavy-duty equipment, you want to ensure you ask all the right questions of the agency so you know what’s involved in the rental and know what to expect by way of charges and its overall operation. Read More»

Inspection Tips When Contemplating Mini Excavator Hire

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If you need to undertake some digging or levelling on your property, one of the ideal pieces of equipment you could opt for is a mini excavator. These machines may be small, but they are designed to undertake intensive maintenance project, thus making them a good option for renovating, remodeling and landscaping on your property. However, buying your own excavator may not be an economical choice. Since they tend to be quite expensive, there would not be much return on your investment if you were not planning to use your mini excavator on a regular basis. Read More»

Selecting an Excavator for Home Construction Projects

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The right earthmoving equipment is critical for home construction projects, including renovations and building of driveways. One of the crucial heavy machines for this type of undertaking is the excavator. This is favourable for your small home projects because it can perform diverse earthmoving tasks, depending on the attachment installed. These tasks include digging, trenching, grappling and drilling. Additionally, you can easily acquire a small compact excavator for your project in local equipment rental stores. Read More»

When to Have a House Demolished Versus Renovated

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A house demolition may seem like a drastic step for some homeowners, but it can actually be a good choice versus a renovation, depending on your reasons for wanting to tear down your home. A demolition can be complete, meaning the home is torn down to the foundation, or it can leave the frame intact and simply remove all the other building materials. Note when it may be better to have a home demolished rather than renovated and why it can sometimes be a better choice. Read More»

Questions to Ask When Deciding on a Crane Hire for a Construction Jobsite

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Hiring a crane for a construction jobsite can be difficult, as you have many different types of cranes from which to choose and need one that will perform the necessary job but still fit in a confined space or work on the surface of the site itself. You also need to ensure the crane can be operated safely with the right type of operator and with the right added accessories. To get the right crane for your jobsite, note a few questions you might ask of any rental agency. Read More»